Teak Chic

Teak is tough and durable, and it has compact structure and straight-line texture, which make it one of the most valuable wood materials in the world. Teak Chik has perfectly reproduced the beauty of the real teak tree.
Matt Finished - 90x14.8 size

dongpeng teak chik mockup1
dongpeng teak chick
Dongpeng Teak Chik Latte
dongpeng teak chik mockup2
Dongpeng Teak Chik Coffee
Dongpeng Teak Chik Nero

White Birch

White Birch is beyond the beauty of the natural wood. It has perfectly restored unique texture and tree growth rings of a real wood plank.
Matt Finished - 90x14.8 size

dongpeng white birch mockup2
Dongpeng White Birch Latte1
Dongpeng White Birch Coffee1

Pulpis Grey and Beige

A product whose naturally uniform tone and gentle patterns make
it a benchmark for decorating walls and floors in a sophisticated,
elegant style. Polished and Honed Finished - 80x80 size

Dongpeng Pulpis Mockup.jpg
Dongpeng Pulpis Grey.jpg
Dongpeng Pulpis Beige.jpg
Dongpeng Pulpis Beige Pattern Variations
Dongpeng Pulpis Grey Pattern Variations.


The wonderful nature inspires us to build lasting peace in our minds, to rethink the harmonious communication between human and nature, and it is the original creativity mind that makes Makore. Matt Finished - 120x20 size



As an environment friendly product, KOKKO stands out from the other tiles
because it does such a realistic reproduction of natural wood but keeps superior performance compared to the natural wood. Matt Finished - 90x15 size